2018.09.02-03 8th International Symposium on Medical and Healthcare Technology (ISMHT)

8th International Symposium on Medical and Healthcare Technology (ISMHT)
日期:107-9-2 (W日)
地點: 高雄長庚醫院兒童大樓六樓藍廳
start end duration Topic Presenter Eng/
08:00 08:30 00:30 Registration All participants    
08:30 08:40 00:10 Welcome Taiwan : Prof. Jih-Yang Ko
Japan : Prof. Syoji Kobashi
Keonote session I
Moderator: Prof. Yutaka Hata, Prof. Jih-Yang Ko (郭繼陽教授)
08:40 09:10 00:30 Keynote speech 1:
ESWT enhances ACL reconstruction
(5 mins for discussion)
Ching-Jen Wang
09:10 09:40 00:30 Keynote speech 2:
Measurements of vital signs to estimate variability of internal states in humans – health and skill aspects
(5 mins for discussion)
Hiroshi Nakajima Eng JP
09:40 10:10 00:30 Keynote speech 3:
Challenging the doctrine that larger surface contact area reduces wear of Total Knee Replacements?
(5 mins for discussion)
Hani Haider
(Eng )
10:10 10:30 00:20 Break      
Invited and scientific session I
Moderator: Prof. Masakazu Morimoto, Prof. Chao-Cheng Wu (吳昭正教授)
10:30 10:55 00:25 Invited speech 1:
Rehabilitation support system by bio information
(5 mins for discussion)
Naomi Yagi Eng JP
10:55 11:20 00:25 Invited speech 2:
A Skin Mobility-Based Estimation of the Scapular Orientation Using Motion Capturing, X-Ray Fluoroscopy and X-Ray Computed Tomography
(5 mins for discussion)
Toyohiko Hayashi Eng JP
11:20 11:35 00:15 Scientific talk 1:
Wearable Blood Pressure Estimation by Using Multi Sensors
(3 mins for discussion)
Takayuki Fujita Eng JP
11:35 11:50 00:15 Scientific talk 2:
On Biometric Identification for Ophthalmologic Patients
(3 mins for discussion)
Naotake Kamiura Eng JP
11:50 12:05 00:15 Scientific talk 3:
Stenosis Detection in Fallopian Tubal Model Using on Ultrasound Measurement and Support Vector Machines
(3 mins for discussion)
Aoi Emura Eng JP
12:05 12:20 00:15 Scientific talk 4:
Ophthalmological Examination Determination Using Feedforward Neural Networks
(3 mins for discussion)
Shoji Morita Eng JP
12:20 12:35 00:15 Scientific talk 5:
Experimental and numerical studies on particle focusing in channel with V shape obstacle
(3 mins for discussion)
Atsushi Shinoda Eng JP
12:35 13:50 01:15 Lunch      
Invited talk II
Moderator: Prof. Syoji Kobashi, Prof. Juei-Chao Chen (陳瑞照所長)
13:50 14:15 00:25 Invited speech 3:
Clinical applications of hyperspectral imaging
(5 mins for discussion)
Hsian-Min Chen Eng TW
14:15 14:40 00:25 Invited speech 4:
The influence of three- dimensional planning and personalized surgical guides on centerline of glenoid in total shoulder arthroplasty
(5 mins for discussion)
Alvin C Chen
14:40 15:05 00:25 Invited speech 5:
The progress of cartilage 3D bioprinting : experience from CMUH
(5 mins for discussion)
Shu-Jui Kuo
15:05 15:30 00:25 Invited speech 6:
Biomechanical approach to shoulder atraumatic instability
(5 mins for discussion)
Hiroaki Inui MD JP
15:30 15:50 00:20 Break      
Scientific session II : Navigation
Moderator: Prof. Hiroaki Inui, Dr. Yi-Sheng Chan (詹益聖教授)
15:50 16:00 00:10 Introduction: navigation in orthopeadic surgery Jih-Yang Ko
16:00 16:30 00:30 Keynote speech 4:
Brief history of navigation and robotics and the trend towards smart tools for orthopaedic joint replacement
(5 mins for discussion)
Hani Haider
(Eng )
16:30 16:45 00:15 Navigation talk 1
Application of portable intraoperative CT (BodyTom) in conjunction with 3D computer navigation assisted thoracolumbar pedicle screw placement — The first 30 cases experience of Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital department of orthopedic
Re-Wen Wu
16:45 17:00 00:15 Navigation talk 2
Comparative Analysis of “Computer-Assisted Thoracic Pedicle Screw Fixation” Versus Hook Instrumentation for Scoliosis Correction
Sung-Hsiung Chen
17:00 17:15 00:15 Navigation talk 3
Reducing blood loss of tranexamic acid in computer-assisted total knee Arthroplasty
Kuan Ting Wu
17:15 17:20 00:05 Disscussion for Navigation Session      
18:30 21:00   Gala dinner      


日期: 107-9-3(W1)
地點: 正修科技大學
start end duration Topic Presenter Eng/MD TW/JP
08:40 08:45 00:05 Welcome Prof. Juei-Chao Chen
Eng TW
Keynote session II and invited session III
Moderator: Prof. Hiroshi Nakajima, Dr. Ka-Kit Siu (蕭家傑醫師)
08:45 09:15 00:30 Keynote speech 5 :
Current Status of ESWT, is there a Role for Medicine?
(5 mins for discussion)
Jih-Yang Ko
09:15 09:40 00:25 Invited speech 7:
Diagnosis for rotator cuff tear using MRI-based 3D- shape model
(5 mins for discussion)
Tomoyuki Muto MD JP
09:40 10:05 00:25 Invited speech 8:
Paradigm shift by
(5 mins for discussion)
Ryuji Sashi MD JP
10:05 10:20 00:15 Scientific talk 6:
Computer Aided Diagnosis of Rotator Cuff Tear Shape using Magnetic Resonance Images
(3 mins for discussion)
Kazuki Ishiro Eng JP
10:20 10:40 00:20 Break      
Scientific session II
Moderator: Prof. Toyohiko Hayashi, Prof. Jih-Yang Ko (郭繼陽 教授)
10:40 10:55 00:15 Scientific talk 7:
Increased medial-shift of the supraspinatus insertion site is associated with an increase in muscle force of the middle deltoid: A
(3 mins for discussion)
Hiroshi Tanaka Eng JP
10:55 11:10 00:15 Scientific talk 8:
The role of AIGHL (anterior band of the inferior glenohumeral ligament) during the motion of shoulder joint
(3 mins for discussion)
Koji Shibano MD JP
11:10 11:25 00:15 Scientific talk 9:
Biomechanical differences between
(3 mins for discussion)
Takanori Oi MD JP
11:25 11:40 00:15 Scientific talk 10:
Neonatal Brain MRI Segmentation for the Construction of stSSM
(3 mins for discussion)
Kento Morita Eng JP
11:40 11:45 00:05 Close remark Pro. Jih-Yang Ko